10bet十博体育官网-美“抗疫队长”福奇、疾控中心主任将自我隔离 与白宫确诊人员有过接触

10bet十博体育官网-美“抗疫队长”福奇、疾控中心主任将自我隔离 与白宫确诊人员有过接触


Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CBS News he will go into “modified quarantine” following exposure to a White House staffer who tested positive for the coronavirus. 





Fauci says he is “low risk” based on the type of exposure he had to the staffer and is quarantining out of an abundance of caution.


The “low risk” assessment means he was not in close proximity to the person who tested positive during the time when that person was known to be positive for the virus.



Fauci said he is doing what he calls a “modified quarantine,” meaning he will stay at home and telework, wearing a mask continually, for 14 days. He said he might also go to his office at the National Institutes of Health where he is the only one there. 

福奇表示, 如果白宫或国会山需要他,他将在采取所有预防措施后前去。

If he is called to the White House or Capitol Hill, he will go while taking every precaution, he said.


Officials will not identify the person to whom Hahn or Redfield were exposed. However, Katie Miller, the press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, tested positive on Friday. She is known to often be in the White House coronavirus task force meetings.


Meanwhile, the White House sent out an email to all staff on Friday titled, “Strong Precautions We Are Taking,” about the measures the White House is taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the wake of Miller’s positive test, an official said.


The note mostly discussed maintaining maximum telework for staff, reporting travel and monitoring one’s own symptoms, according to a copy reviewed by CNN.


The memo said “high-touch points” in the White House and Eisenhower Executive Office Building, an office building near the White House where many staffers work, will receive “heightened levels of cleaning.”


The day before the memo, on Thursday, White House staff received a different memo informing them that they would be asked, upon entry, about their symptoms, in addition to the temperature checks required for admission to the White House complex. Anyone who acknowledged having the symptoms may be pulled for further screening or barred entry, that memo said.


Neither memo mentioned anything about wearing facemasks.




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